Branding + Marketing = Getting Clients (Your Free Workbook)

“You don’t have to stand out from the crowd but find your own crowd that loves you!”

This post is for you if you’ve struggled to find your first or your next client.  We’re breaking down branding and marketing basics to fight the client drought.  It’s all in the  Branding + Marketing = Clients Workbook.

I’ve highlighted some of the expert content that’s part of our Creative Pursuit School digital library.  The library features over 25 experts sharing how to grow your creative business.

So we’re talking building your niche, knowing your audience, developing quality content and attracting clients.

Here are a few commonly asked questions when it comes to this topic:

How do I really get to know what my ideal tribe will want from me?

To get to know your audience you need to ask them what they want.  If you don’t have an audience, create polls in FB groups that match your ideal client.  For more tips, check out the  Branding + Marketing = Clients Workbook

Is branding basically my logo and website?

Nope, not at all.  It’s time to go beyond the pretty website and logo.  How will you drive traffic to your site?  How will you get potential clients into your sales funnel?  You may be thinking a blog which is fine.  Can your blog be successful? Yes  Will it be successful? Probably not.  Again, if you have mediocre content and not actively promoting (i.e. influencers) you will be writing to yourself for a while.

How do I make my content visually appealing?

Well with amazing photography of course.  People love pretty photos!  Make sure that eye-catching content includes photos of you as well.  Remember people are getting to know you and decide if they want to work with you.  They can’t relate to just things.  If you can afford it, schedule a photo branding session.  For cheaper options, check your networks to see if there are any decent photographers looking to grow their portfolio.  Take progress photos from past jobs, staged photos, your own home or help a friend in decorating need in exchange for photos and reviews.

For more insight, get your copy of the  Branding + Marketing = Clients Workbook today to get started building your brand before and after the visuals.   Get Your Client Attraction Strategies HERE today.



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