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It’s resource Thursday and wanted to share some helpful sites I’ve come across in my travels…

Convertkit.  My go to for my email marketing because it’s just so easy! Allows you to manage your email subscribers with little effort.

Ninjaoutreach.  This one also comes highly recommended to grow your email list!

Gleam.  I highly recommend if you run some type of campaign that includes giveaways.  It’s very easy to use and links with most social media platforms.  There is a paid and free version.

Thrivecart.  A definite consideration if you are selling physical products.  I like this tool because it manages affiliate activities as well.

Book Like a Boss.  I typically use Calendly to schedule my consultations and interviews but this site was offered and suggested because it’s more of an all in one solution.  I’ll be doing more research on this one.

Right Message.  Enhance your website messaging with personalization.  Boasts that no coding is required which is a plus for me.

Step Shot.  Here’s another one on my list to poke around a little when I get some down time.  Could be a big plus for those that create our own guides and trainings.


Oh and don’t forget to check out the “Over 85 Resources…”, blog post which has loads more of information to help you get your started creative business started, to branding to marketing and beyond.

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