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Why 2018 needs to be THE year for YOUR CREATIVE business!

Wow can you believe that half the year is gone already??

So what did you have planned to do by now but you just haven’t had the chance to check it off your to do list?? Was it getting started or getting your website updated? Was it revisiting your branding or seeing which marketing strategies work for you?? Was it polishing up your business systems? Or was it something else?

It’s OK if you didn’t hit all your mid-year goals because you still have another 6 months before we’re kissing 2018 goodbye. So now’s the time to review your goals, activities and timelines. See what’s realistic considering everything that’s going in your life right now and what is feasible. The important thing is just to START.

I’ve even put together a little list of ten things that may resonate with you and why things may not be going as planned…

Reason #1:  You haven’t started yet…

Sometimes the hardest thing with following through with your creative passion is just STARTING.  I myself sat around for almost two years before I actually decided to start my decorating business.  I was motivated to finally take action after attending a design conference and really being moved by the keynote speaker.  It made me realize that I wanted to share my design passion and it was time to stop sitting on the sidelines.

Get out there and find your motivation.  Check out local groups or attend conferences related to your creative interest to mingle with like-minded professionals.  You’ll come across those that have been in a business for a while and more than willing to help newbies get on their way.

Once you find that thing that ignites you, use that momentum to plan and get your business established.  For our designer friends, don’t forget to check out the blog post for over 85 resources to get you going.


Reason #2: You’re scared

Ok, I know fear gets the best of us at times but we can’t let fear hold us back from reaching our full potential.  Sometimes you worry you might get something wrong or you may fail or no one will sign up immediately for your services.

That’s why research and practice is key!  So get your business practices and branding in place followed by your marketing and promotion plans.  If something doesn’t work out, tweak your plans but more importantly don’t give up!

Rehearsing your processes over and over again will help to perfect your systems, build your confidence and better avoid pitfalls.  Fight fear with self-assurance and self-confidence!


Reason #3:  You’re not tough enough

Along this creative entrepreneur journey, if you don’t have it now you will need to develop a thick skin.  There will be failures or hiccups on the way to success but don’t take it personal.  Those challenges help us learn and not make the same mistakes twice.


Reason #4: You care too much about what people think

At the end of the day the naysayers don’t know your story and aren’t putting money in your pocket.

So here’s how to deal with this issue.  Just say to yourself “WHO CARES”.  There will always be someone there to point out the negatives but surround yourself with twice as many more people to urge you on and who support YOU.


Reason #5: You haven’t done enough research 

We’re back to research because this topic deserves a chat all on its own.  You don’t need to always reinvent the wheel. Get in all the available circles you can find initially.  After a short time, you will know which ones to stick with and which ones to move on.


Reason #6: You don’t have the right mindset 

Shift your thinking from the 9 to 5 world and reporting up the chain.  It’s time to focus on making profits and taking risks.

As a solopreneur, much of the responsibility now falls on you but you don’t have to operate within the confines of the old office mentality.  Realize your freedoms as an entrepreneur and get ready for the big and well sometimes not so big payoffs.


Reason #7: You’re too “busy”

Life gets in the way.  We hear it all the time.  If you’re waiting for the perfect time to get started, you will be waiting forever.  There is never a right time!  Get in the habit of proactively scheduling out time during the day to work on your creative endeavors.  Our motto here is “work smarter and not harder”.  Having dedicated time to spend on your side business will relieve stress and eliminate the feeling of never getting it all done.


Reason #8: You don’t know where to begin.

There are a ton of resources and I mean a TON to help you get your creative business started.  There is a lot of information online to weed through and everyone has a different opinion based on their own experiences.

So you know what you need?  That’s right… your own experiences.  Start building those networks which will help you find reliable sources of information and get you on your way.


Reason #9: You don’t have enough support

You don’t have to go this road alone.  There are plenty of fellow creatives who would love to share their journey and help those new to the field share what’s worked for them.  They want to help others avoid their business pains and overall just want to share their expertise.

I’ve come across so many seasoned designers and I can’t express enough gratefulness for them helping me to get started.

Oh and don’t underestimate the importance of positive self-talk.  At the beginning of the day, throughout the day and the end of the day, remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished and that you are strong enough to handle anything that comes your way.


Reason #10: You hit a roadblock

We recently ran into someone who majored in graphic design. They weren’t able to finish their degree because their school went bankrupt and then they had a sick family member and had to relocate.  It was a little sad hearing their story but they assured us they weren’t giving up and looking to finish their degree.

So you see even with this person experiencing several barriers they are still moving forward.  That’s why I want to express to you to get in the habit of approaching all barriers as temporary.  The longer you let them you hold you back the longer you deny yourself creative freedom and unforeseen profits.


Reason #11: You don’t have enough money 

Ok, I know I said 10 but here’s a bonus one for you.  I started out with very little money set aside to get started and I definitely did not see the need to take on any business loans.  There are plenty of free RESOURCES to get you going…

  • Over 85 resources for your creative biz HERE
  • Need a business system in place? Try out myDoma Studio and get additional discounts too!
  • Having a pricing strategy in place is key so Scarlet Thread Consulting has got you covered
  • Get your branding in check with Designs by Danait
  • Drum up interest and get your own design audience on Facebook
  • Time management woes, well look no further then this handy resource to stop the rat race


So what are those FIVE Things You Can Do Now??

So, if you’ve encountered any of these 10+1 things holding you back then realize today is the day to say NO MORE.  It’s time to make money doing what you love!!  Oh and don’t forget that Creative Pursuit School is a resource for your creative biz.  Check out our new website PLUS our new and upcoming resources just for you…

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  3. Need some helping finding vendors??  I’m sharing my list of over 500 in the soon to be released vendor app.  It categorizes sources by price, style, room and PLUS some.  Get on the list to DOWNLOAD THE APP today.
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  5. I know I know you can’t stand to be on another email list but hey this really is different.  We won’t email you with countless offers littering your already overflowing inbox.  Just get important updates about our resources and services designed to BENEFIT YOU and YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS… 

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Angela W.

Awesome! I've been a part of many of these kinds of events. You've really been thorough in your setup and resources - congrats!
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Michelle V.

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