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Hey Tarsha here, self-proclaimed resource broker, and I’ve got some tools for you to check out.

Does it feel like sometimes you just hit a wall when it comes to selecting really eye-catching photos for your website, blog posts and social media?  Having a variety when it comes to your visuals is helpful so people don’t get tired of the same photos but can still identify with your style and message.

As creatives most of us are on the hunt for lifestyle photos that don’t look overly generic, match our aesthetic and go with our brand colors.

Here are some of my faves when it comes to finding paid and free stock photos for lifestyle brands.  Of course, this is not exhaustive but a quick go to list.  Oh and remember to protect yo’self… make sure you read/agree to all licensing requirements.


SC Stockshop

What can I say about this FABULOUS site??  The photos are gorgeous and she has a selection just for LIFESTYLE brands and you can search by color.  I can say no more but this is my go-to definitely.

Now these can be a little pricey but she does offer monthly freebies and a social squares account (monthly subscription).  So check out the fabulousness for yourself.

Styled stock photography

Most of these images are for the female creative but you’re easily able to find photos for different creative areas.  Just visit the site and pick images based on your colors of interest.

Atelier 21

I just recently came across Ingrid’s site and loved her free gift.  She has plenty of bright and beautiful photos for lifestyle brands.  You’ll love her freebie which is a curated grid for your Instagram feed based on your brand.  She even gives you a quiz to see which photos would fit right with you.  Ok, it’s fabulous!


This site features uber cute flatlays in a variety of colors for your branding and blogging needs.  Go checkout the awesome photo bundles for yourself!


With some of the free sites it can be difficult to find more of the refined lux photos for a higher-end brand but other than that I do feel there is a good mix to choose from.  It may also be a challenge to find photos with very bold colors and best for a more neutral brand color scheme.  I still however like the variety and especially the more casual photos I use in my online business materials.

Unsplash and Pixabay

More of the freebies here and I basically have the same comment as above.  You won’t find everything but it doesn’t hurt to try all three freebie sites just in case.


There are similar sites like PicMonkey and Easil but hands down this is my favorite.  It could be because this is the first one I used and it’s just very user-friendly.  If you need a quick tool to create graphics for your brand, I highly recommend.

Now you’re not getting the top of the top here because let’s face it that may not be your expertise.  For that just go ahead and hire a professional designer.

Here we’re just putting together some creative visuals like infographics and templates for posting on social media, your blog and website in general.

There are millions of photos (I don’t know just made that up) but seriously there are a lot of pics to choose from WITH ready-made templates to just drag and drop.  Some photos you have to pay for and note the usage requirements.


Ok, this one is a behemoth!  You could literally get lost searching through this photos.  Important tip: use very strict search terms (licensed, how you can use, etc.) to narrow down the results.  There are practically photos in here for everything.  So happy hunting!


Be a share bear!  Where do you find your best creative biz images?  Leave a comment below…


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