The top 3 things you can do right now to boost online course sales…

The Global E-Learning Market is poised to reach $331 billion by 2025.

Online courses have revolutionized learning. There’s never been an easier time to create your own online training program.

So have you taken the leap to create your course yet? Let’s look at a few reasons to get your online course out the door and selling to raving fans (oh and paying your bills)…

You need to create it

Ok, this one is a no-brainer but seriously let’s talk about it. I get it you’re really busy but guess what if you never create your course then you will never sell your course.  Do not overthink this!  You do not need to drop a 15-module program that takes months and months to get through. 

Do some market research FIRST and poll your audience to see what are their top struggles.  Then create a beta version or pilot of your course.

You don’t have to write your course all at once or finish it before you start selling it. You can test the topic first by doing a short version, or start with one distinct module from the course that solves one problem.

It’s more motivating for you AND for your students, since it takes less time to create and complete in order to see results.

You can launch your course sooner!

You get early feedback and can write or rewrite future content accordingly, creating a better and more valuable course.

You generate revenue that can be used for marketing or advertising course later on.

Sounds good? Cool, let’s move on…

You need to put a framework in place

This is a biggie!!  If you’re just hoping people will come across your course even if it is included under some of the big sites like Udemy it’s going to get overlooked.

Or perhaps you haven’t created a course built on what your audience needs or wants. 

Then there’s a good chance you’re missing sales.

You need a blueprint or strategy in place that clearly takes YOU from Point A to Point B to create and sell your course.  It will be extremely difficult for you to try to help your students achieve your course goal if you have nothing in place yourself.

I’m not talking stickies attached to everything but a real system. Your proper framework should help you to:

  • Acknowledge your strengths and expertise
  • Identify your target audience and their top challenges
  • Clearly outline the system/process you will use to help your clients
  • Get clients on repeat
  • Explore additional revenue streams and ultimately…
  • Fund your thriving business

Ok, now that you know you can’t just wing it let’s keep on movin’ on…

You need to promote and then promote some more

You’ve gone through all the hoops to create this awe-inspiring course and you launched to crickets.  It hurts I know!

There’s a lot to think about here.  Are you willing to invest in paid ads?  Take it from me personally this can be very hit or miss. 

How often should you email your list?  Do you have the proper sequence in place to peak their interest and then get them to the sale?

You also need to think about having collaborators that can bring even more visibility to your product.  You want to work with people in a similar niche but you don’t have the exact same audience.

This can be in the form of working with influencers or even affiliates.  If you have students that completed your course previously or were pilot students, then ask them to help share your course for a portion of any sales they point your way.

Basically, you’ve got to get a solid marketing and promotion plan in place that outlines who, what and where you are going to sell.

So what else can you do?

Well you can take advantage of the online course tools we have available. Let’s start you off with a free checklist to start getting your ducks in a row and on the road to selling your expertise with an online course.

Just click the pic below and you’ll be taken right over…

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