Why I’m making the switch to Flodesk and you should too

Aaaahhh the land of email marketing.  Love it or hate it but if you’re serious about getting new customers you need to do it. 

You know you need an audience or community around your brand but you don’t want to go through the headache of now sending out emails.

The backstory

I was in that same boat until I realized in order to grow and share more about what I can do and how I can help my customers… I had to start emailing CONSISTENTLY.  At least once a week and no compromising.

No matter how much I thought I would get on someone’s nerve. (hint: if they are following you that means they are interested so why not talk to them)

Or how many unsubscribes. (hint: they probably weren’t going to buy from you anyway and you are running a business)

Or I had nothing to say. (hint: getting ultra-clear on your audience can be a big help)

So once you get past the fact that you need to email… you need the best platform that works for you.

I had to look for options

There are tons out there and I have experience with Mailchimp and Convertkit and have nothing against them.  I have to tell you though when I found out about Flodesk I kind of glowed.

I’m not your usual early adopter and actually sometimes I’m like the last one to try something new. I had to give Flodesk a go because Mailchimp is not the easiest with some things and with Convertkit I struggle to make “pretty” emails.

I’m no email aficionado but I’m infatuated on the idea of beautiful emails and increased open rates while still being able to easily manage my audience.

So let’s explore the new Flodesk

Here’s where Flodesk comes in!  I was awestruck with the beautiful email templates.  No need for any hard work on my end but just drag and drop and plug in my details. 

To get started you create your Flodesk account HERE.  There’s a free trial period but they’re offering 50% off for life.  The price does not increase with your number of subscribers like other services.

I’ll just sprinkle in some shots from one of my campaigns…

A friendly welcome to open my message

Next it’s off to verify your email and domain. Then add in your social media handles, brand colors, etc. and you’re ready to go.

Now just decide what kind of campaign you want to run and pick the template.  Choose from newsletter style, welcome messages, promotions, thank you’s, inspiration or build your own template.

Cute graphics but also easy to share updates with my readers

Drag and drop elements as needed and fill in your text and add photos.  Segment, schedule or send immediately to your list and you’re done.

I’m a sucker for cute email signatures

You can also create forms to embed and collect emails directly and create workflows or sequences to move your subscribers through your customer journey.

So what’s the verdict

Flodesk is still in the beta phase and I’m still waiting patiently for more integrations for the things I already have in place to capture emails and process sales.

In the meantime, I’m going to use Flodesk with my soon to be launched brand The Creative Huddle since it goes so well together.  It’s all about the pink and chic feminine feel.

My overall recommendation is to go for it but just be mindful until they come up with more integrations.  Hey, you can’t beat that price of $19 forever for any number of subscribers compared to other email platforms.

Leave me a comment and let me know if Flodesk is a yeah or nah…

p.s. this post may contain affiliate links which helps me fund my business without asking you for money all the time 😊 

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