How To Get Clear On Your Brand And Win Clients To Increase Sales

Finally a true resource to grow your authenticity

 and ditch the sleazy sales feeling...

  • You've sent that survey to your audience to fin​d out what they crave but only 2 people responded
  • You revamped your website and made it really eye pleasing but still struggle to convert website visitors to paid customers
  • You know you need to ask for the sale but it just feels so fake
  • You're ready to create awesome content but don't really know if your community will buy or pass

Time to get off the struggle bus with this

no-fuss mini-bundle resource...

  • Go from having a cold and unheard of brand to one with loads of adoring fans ready to listen.
  • Learn why having a brand is just as important as having a business.
  • Develop content and graphics based on your audience's needs.
  • Position yourself as an value-add vs. someone selling more stuff.
  • ​Get your personal voice aligned with your brand copy!

in this mini-bundle...


find your niche and attract paying clients 

Easy-to-implement strategies to get your branding right the first time with quality content

Connect with your audience and develop a message that resonates

Proven strategies for creatives to increase visibilty

create cohesive branding strategies 

Grasp the key elements needed for your branding before you start on any visuals

Nurture a brand that speaks to your ideal client 

Stay consistent as your brand grows and changes

develop on brand visuals with Canva

Easily develop eye-catching visuals for free or low-cost to market your creative services

- How do I know if this is for me ? -

This is FOR you if...

  • You're not sure how having a consistent and recognizable brand can explode your business
  • You created your brand with no real strategy and need to fix it ASAP
  • You struggle with being consistent and you constantly change up your look hoping for better results

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're fine with not knowing if you're truly connecting with your audience 
  • You're happy with not getting enough sales because potential clients can't figure out what you do and how you can help them 
  • You've been doing ok with word of mouth referrals and don't care about expanding your reach to work with more clients

- Here's what you get -

  • Access to 3 master expert webinars plus audio content to start building an engaged community that sings your praises and will buy from you over and over again (2 hrs total)

  • All session notes and highlights so no need to take your own notes

  • Free access to the Canva Resource Library ​mini course made up of short video trainings, resources + templates to show you how to DIY your graphics in Canva that look anything but DIY’ed
  • Free Blog Strategy Starter Pack with 5 free business and branding resources you need to get strategic with your blog content today

  • Personalized roadmap quiz to find out what you need to focus on in your business right now to get the results you want

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