The "Solopreneur Workbook" for Creating a Digital Product Your Audience Will Rave About...

So, you've got the urge to launch an online business? You really want to start making money on the side but don't know where to begin.  As a solopreneur, you need an easy product to sell, but don't want to spend hours figuring it out. You're not alone. That's why we've created this valuable workbook to share pain-free tips to start bringing in semi-passive income.

  • Get clarity on the type of product you can start creating today to fill an unmet need. None of that launching to crickets stuff for you!
  • Simple, fill-in-the-blank prompts help you take a pie in the sky idea to actual recurring revenue product!
  • A (surprisingly short) check-list you can use to develop your first digital product!


So you may be wearing quite a few hats as a new solopreneur.  You’re the visionary, the boss, the employee, the accountant and/or one of several other hats creatives wear trying to get this biz thing right.  With so much going on it can be hard to get exactly why you do what you do.

Too many times you underestimate how much value you can provide by sharing your expertise and offering up unique solutions to problems.  You may be a make-up artist, product-maker, musician, painter or designer that has a whole lot of know-how and need more ways to get that actionable knowledge out.

You need to take advantage of these strategies to monetize your expertise which can supplement your income and build your empire faster. ​That's where we can help!



​Focus Your Profitable Ideas Worksheets

Identify and get moving on at least one passive income stream you can start monetizing immediately. You have a bunch of ideas for what you want to create but have you had a real strategy session? Just fill in the blanks to create a product that fills a void and brings in sales. It's time to work with a purpose, make a difference and enjoy real independence because face it you're too stubborn to have a boss.


Digital Product Creation Checklist

Have you been feeling kind of lost trying to get this great idea to place where you can actually sell it?  You may have downloaded one too many freebies and now your stuck. You've been planning and planning but no action.  The checklist will quickly walk you through the steps to create and then sell.  It's time to get on board with living solely off your business income! No more feeling undervalued or working to make someone else rich.


​Tried and True Resources

Get my list of go to resources I personally use to plan, create, promote and sell digital products.  There's a lot out there and so much to choose from so let me help you out. Are you bombarded to try this and try that and stuck in information paralysis?  Well, tap into my favorite tools that can save you time, money and frustration!  


Product Creator

Hey 9 to 5'er I'm here to tell you something... it's time to break out of hourly income and embrace creative freedom.


I'm Tarsha and I love helping women jump for joy when they learn they don't have to start from scratch! ​I help creatives like you who’ve hit a plateau in the corporate world and ready to make money pursuing your creative passion.  I do this by hosting online events and creating digital products to help you establish systems and get more clients while avoiding burnout.