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The Creative Entrepreneur Bundle Package

Share Your Gift, Tell Your Story,
Grow Your Community

funding your transition from corporate to creative

​It's time to unleash your inner creative...

​No more of the soul-sucking 9 to 5 for you.  You've made the decision to move forward and pursue your passion... to pursue what you love.  The transition is near but can you afford to make the leap?  

Worrying will get you no where but what will work is taking action right now. Grab access for a limited time to the ​Creative Entrepreneur Bundle Package to save for your "when the day comes" nest egg.

Connect with valuable expert resources and tools at your fingers...

Stop second guessing your approach and get back your confidence.  No more endless hours of searching on Google but time to get it first hand from the experts.  This is truly a one stop shop to get you to transform your draining but rewarding creative hustle into a profitable and successful business.  ​

Step into your new happy...

​Change your mindset and literally change the way you run your business.  Embody your new get it done persona and take the weight off your shoulders.  Time to model your new happy, drop kick self-sabotage in the knees and get on your own success path to achieving your highest priorities.

Show them you came to slay...

​Whatever your creative design endeavors from Photographers, Designers, Artists, Product-Makers, ​​etc. let your audience know that you are the authority and you have what they need.  Time to amp it up and sell your product or service with real authenticity.  ​

Take advantage of my content creation craze...

I was on a roll!  With my research and education background I reached out to the experts to bring together resources that made an impact on their businesses.  As a result we've got a bundled experience to grow you and your business.  I hope you know that one can't thrive without the other.


​​You’ve got to believe, with all your heart, that you can make it happen for yourself.  You must believe you are worthy of your desires and that you have all the tools within you to achieve success.  You must release blame, guilt, fear, stress and any other negative emotion that does not serve you." - Cara Alwill Leyba

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You're getting access to an unbelievable amount of info...

Hurry the bundle goes into the vault...


The Healthy Entrepreneur (that's you) Toolbox

Enough with the countless hours at your desk writing content, finalizing your copy, posting to social media and so on.  You have to take a break for you too.  ​

Time to stay consistent and see positive results in your life and business with these tools at your side. Step up to embrace a quieter lifestyle and get peace of mind after you've tackled overwhelm and busyness permanently. Change your mindset and use the power of positive affirmations to gain clarity and focus with one simple strategy.  These are just hint of what you get inside the 3-module toolbox...

  • Self-improvement
  • ​Personal roadmap
  • ​modeling success
  •  Modeling Success Audio Lessons: If it walks like a duck it looks like a duck or however the saying goes.  It basically comes down to if you want to do or become something better you need to model it... to become it.  Wear it proudly that you have a new mindset and a new way of doing things.  You need to practice what you want for your new self and modeling stellar examples like your heroes is a good place to start.  So get these techniques to bring a new level of wins into your everyday.

​Normally all of this content would cost you $1,224 but you're getting a huge discount and paying only $97.  Sure, you could keep downloading everyone's freebie and try piecing together your own process but why make things harder on yourself?  It wasn't until I started purchasing real content and investing in my business that I saw profits.  I stopped signing up for every free webinar and spent more time customizing my approach. The Creative Entrepreneur Bundle can help you do the same.

About Your Bundle Creator...

​Hey, I'm Tarsha !!  Well no I'm not actually a cupcake but I do love a tasty and cute dessert.  OK, seriously I provide digital products and host online events to help creative entrepreneurs like you establish systems, get more clients and avoid burnout.

So I put together this big bundle to help you get all you need without opting into a million lists making your inbox unwieldy.  Trust me I know because I've been there.  ​I just deleted 18k emails without a care.

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​OK, wait there's more...

​I'm not quite done yet.  Courses are all the rage now but before you jump on the bandwagon there's something you need to know.  It's not as easy as it looks.  No worries I put something together for you to save you time and energy from figuring it out on your own.

Here's to selling your expertise for cash by creating and selling your own digital course today. The six-module How to Easily Develop Your Profitable Course Idea Without Starting from Scratch is now available.

Follow this newly available step-by-step guide and basically fill in the blanks to be on your way to getting your online course up and running within a few weeks.

We’ve taken only the most successful elements used in our own course content creation process and developed a guided framework to save you time and get your course ready to deliver.

Just drop in your own information where prompted and generate your course outline and content.

You know something more than most people and it's time to share and make money from it...

  • Module 1 (The Foundation): ​Use your profitable course idea to grow your community and develop a true semi-passive income stream. Perfect your client avatar and validate solutions to student pain points. 
  • Module 4 (Delivery):  Set an appropriate price for your course and a system for accepting payments.  Choose your ​delivery platform and firm up your schedule to deliver your course without a hitch.
  • Module 2 (Building Blocks): Research your market and identify a need, so you can pick the course topics that your target customers want to learn about most.
  • Module 5 (Launch and Evaluation)Run an engaging, results-focused online course that leads to happy, successful students who sing your praises.  
  • Module 3 (Development): Create a clear ​structure for your course with ​goals, high priority modules and key steps and content.  ​Ensure your students will take action!
  • Module 6 (Wrap-Up): ​Now it's time to bring it all together and implement the four-phased approach you used to develop your course without spending thousands of $$$$$$.

Wow this a lot of value all in one place...

Is there a catch?  Nope, not at all.  I'm just someone passionate about helping other creatives avoid the many pitfalls I've made on my biz journey.  We have information literally thrown at us everyday!  I've made some good investments and some bad ones.  I learned a lot along the way and with some expert help I want to share what's been proven to work.

Bonus Checklists and Guides

​Grab my library of checklists and guides to complement your Creative Entrepreneur Bundle Package. You'll get...

 5 Things to Pay Attention To When Your Website Isn't Bringing You Leads 

Online Tools to Avoid the Time Suck and Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

Branding Tools to Make a Storytelling Impact & Sell Authentically

​Transform Your Passion Into A Profit-Making Machine with Courses and Summits 

Pricing Strategies to Position Yourself as an Investment vs. an Expense to Get More Projects

I know sometimes content creation can be sooo time consuming.  That's why you can also ​Swipe my Top Tools and Resources Special Guide for your own personal use which include a Branding Avatar Template, Brand Design Board Template, 30-day Post Calendar for Social Media, Recurring Revenue Tip Sheet and Blog Checkup Checklist.  Yeah, it's all included.

You Can Have Your  Cupcake and Eat it Too

Yes, more cupcakes but I promise it's for a reason.  Too often you may think that it's impossible or damn near impossible to balance work and your personal life so basically have it all. We've all experienced unbalance in some way but we don't have to accept it.  Get more productive and efficient by following the content outlined in the Creative Entrepreneur Bundle.  

Put an end to chasing things that aren't making you happy or bringing in funds. You won't be bombarded here with 50 courses and left wondering how to get through it all BUT you'll have a mix of resources to not only grow your brand, get your process in place but also get you on track to living your best life.  (thanks Oprah)

​The ​FIVE PILLARS bundle inside a bundle...

That's right a bundle inside a bundle for just one sign up.  The pros are spilling the tea on insanely easy tactics to get you from chronic hobbyist to thriving entrepreneur.​

Alisa Meredith
Jessica Freeman

1. Brand Identity and Attraction...

  • ​  Follow a no-fluff formula to find your niche and attract paying clients.
  • ​ Create cohesive branding strategies that are true to your authentic self.
  •   ​Develop on brand visuals with Canva to use wherever you promote your brand.

2. Design a website that converts leads to sales...

  • ​  Design your website to make it easy for customers to navigate.
  • ​ ​Write copy that sparks a conversation and builds relationships with your audience.
  •   ​Get easy to implement methods to drive more traffic to your website that are easy to implement. ​

3. Become a social media maven (or goddess)...

  • ​  Target your ideal audience on Facebook.
  • ​  Create an engaging, popular and profitable Instagram profile.
  •   ​Use Pinterest to drive thousands of views to your website.
  •   Grow an engaging Facebook group to buy your products/services.
  •   Get to the point tips to use YouTube to book clients without using paid ads.

4. Generate recurring monthly revenue...

  • ​  ​Develop a course that sells out and monetizes your expert​ise ​based on the    wants and desires of your ideal clients.
  •  Provide high value and get high impact by hosting a virtual summit and solidify your creative credibility.

5. Never doubt your pricing strategies again...

  • ​  Build a pricing strategy centered around cost, price and value.
  • Position yourself as an investment and not an expense to get high-quality  clients.
  •   ​Instantly block potential clients from using any excuse to say no to hiring you.

Get instant access today to the Full Package

​Visualize Success

This newly updated 4-module masterclass is designed from the ground up to help you not only discover your deepest dreams and desires, but to take real, actionable steps toward their achievement.

You’ll discover the power of a well-planned vision board, how to create your own and use it to focus your efforts in all areas of your life and business, and how to avoid the most common vision board mistakes so YOU can flourish. 

Special guest expert Natalie Cousins is backed with 15 years of experience coaching creatives to get seen 

and known, get repeat clients and get more money in their bank account...

  •   ​1. Vision Board Power.  ​Maybe you don’t quite see the magic of a vision board yet. I understand! If you’ve never experienced the benefits, it can be hard to embrace the concept. That’s why in module 1 we’re going to dig deep into the power of vision boards.
  •   ​2. Creating Your Vision Board.  You’ve done all the mindset work and embraced the true power of a vision board, so now it’s time to get to work creating yours. Module 2 walks you through the process and offers several options for making a vision board that’s as unique as you.
  •   ​3. Your Lifestyle Planner.  ​Vision boards are useful tools in a variety of areas, and now that you understand how they work and also how you can take action with them, it’s time to step up your game and create your dream life.
  • ​  ​4. Your Business Vision Planner. With your dream life planned, it’s time to turn your focus to growing your business. After all, you have to pay for that amazing life, right? Module 4 is all about using your vision board to create a business you love and that supports you and your family and the causes you believe in.

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Step 1 - Get your personal login 

​Once your order is confirmed you will immediately receive an email with your log-in information and instructions on how to access the bundle.  NO guessing games here. 


Step 2 - Go through the bundle at your pace 

​This isn't a race but you do want to get through the content at a reasonable pace.  Set aside a dedicated time each week to get the most out of this experience. 


Step 3 - Start taking action 

Once you finish each section you're ready to implement what you've  learned.  It's made easy for you with a complement of accessories. 

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​...​I can’t wait to sit down and start strategizing how to incorporate what I learned into my business. 


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​I’m really loving this virtual experience! I can’t keep up with all the information!

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​...I’ve learned so much and have new resources now to run my business. Worth every penny to sign up…

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Listen this all sounds nice but I see a lot of cute

sales pages so​ what's really good??

I got you so we can do this if...

  • You're serious about leveling up and running a real business with purpose and not a sidelined hobby.
  • You've opted in to numerous freebies and courses, joined all the creative groups and listening to all the gurus but yet nothing has changed and you see no progres​​​​​s.
  • ​You like ordering from cute sales pages (I'm joking mostly)

Deuces though if...

  • ​​You like telling people business is fine but you're feeling disappointed as hell on the inside.
  • You like wasting time and OK with another year going by wishing and hoping for the same things.
  • You can't set aside a few hours for the next few weeks to get serious about taking control of getting what you deserve... happiness, balance, more clients and more money.

Normally all of this would cost $1,224 but you get it for $97

Ok ok, tell me more about these experts...

Branding and Niche Building

Website Copy and Conversions

Social Media and Website Views

Recurring Revenue

Goal Setting ​and Running a Well-Rounded Business

Just to RECAP here's what's included...

The Five Pillars Mini-Bundle

Get direct access to 4 mini-bundle packages rolled into one for your convenience. Instantly view over 10 webinars with over 6.5 hours of viewing content revealing expert strategies you can start using right now.

Your Profitable Course

​Get a done for you step-by-step guide to plan, create and launch your online course saving you tons of time from researching the process on your own. ​Follow a clear content-creation process taking you from start to finish so your course will provide added value for your students PLUS earn you extra income.

Visualize Success Masterclass

LIFETIME access to the Visualize Success Masterclass where GOALS become REALITY. Four modules of no non-sense expert lessons and action guides to help you do more and get more for your life and biz.

Healthy You Entrepreneur Toolbox

SPECIAL ACCESS to the Healthy Entrepreneur Toolbox for your complete VISION SETTING and GOAL DOMINATING SYSTEM featuring plenty of ways to soak up the content... journal, checklists, worksheets, workbooks, guides, video and audio lessons (a $397 value)

Bonus Checklists and Guides

  • Need a website checkup... we got you
  • ​Need to tighten up your branding... we got you
  • ​Need quick tips to boost your online visibility... got ya
  • ​Need to renew confidence in your pricing... got ya
  • ​Need a cheat sheet for your next course or summit... got ya
  • ​Need to see more results from blogging... consider it done

Customizable Swipe Files

Save yourself some time and personalize my top tools for your own personal use.  Includes a Branding Avatar Template, Brand Design Board Template and 30-day Post Calendar for Social Media​.

You've got questions... that's cool because I've got ​answers...


​​​How do I access the webinars and content?

​How long is the content available?

​How long will it take to get through everything?

​What payment types are accepted?

​What if I don't actually have a business yet?

​What if I don't think it's a good fit for me?

​This is for you and I would hate for you to miss out...

​So, I love to travel but let's face it.  It ain't cheap.  I bet there's something you love to do too that can get pricey.  Wouldn't you love a way to pay for it without stressing??  It's possible after you sign up for the Creative Entrepreneur Bundle to put real action in place to hit your top 3 priorities in 100 days, build your brand, get your ​tech in check, and sell your expertise.  Now you're hitting goals, making sales and guess what seeing profits. Hesitation right now will only lead to missed opportunity.  I know you don't take spending your money lightly and neither do I.  That's why I believe the Creative Entrepreneur Bundle is invaluable for your continued growth both professionally and personally.  So with that I'll see you inside!

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