Fund Your Escape from the
Soul-Sucking 9 to 5

Save for your "When The Day Comes" nest egg by monetizing your expertise through courses.

Follow the “Creative Freedom Blueprint” framework to CRAFT, BUILD, MARKET and SELL ​your course idea.

You’re on the road to becoming your own boss but what’s holding you back?


What happens when you stop getting that regular paycheck?


You panic because bills need to be paid and you have to take care of your family.  

The list of responsibilities go on and on so you can't just jump ship from your day job.

So how do you transition if you can’t go back to starving student status?

Simple... join us for this premier event!

You don't have a lot of time and you need ways to SUPPLEMENT YOUR INCOME and/or boost your business revenue.  

Maybe it was a slow month and you want more dependable revenue.

In order for your course to really become PROFITABLE you need to have these things firmly in place...​

  • ​PROFIT-BOOSTING collaborations to get your course noticed without spending thousands in ads
  • ​MARKETING and PROMOTION fundamentals so you don't waste time hoping and dreaming someone signs up for your course
  • ​VISIBILITY hacks for fast and easy ways to ATTRACT more potential clients
  • ​Affiliate management strategies to LEVERAGE your peers to bring in more course sales
  • ​Proven ways to increase student engagement, accountability and course QUALITY 
  • ​SYSTEMATIC method to sell your courses on repeat

Do you think the digital course market is saturated and no one
will buy your course?

think again...

​​Save your seat NOW for the best price

Come and join us in the PREMIER Insiders Course:

The Complete Time-Saving Framework to Fund Your Side Business with Digital Courses

The cost to join is currently $477 $697.  That’s a discounted savings of over $200 off the regular price.  Payment plans are available.  

​Enrollment opens October 1st​ 

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Why should you should join us...

  • You're tired of other creatives passing you by when you both started in the same place.
  • You're serious about stepping up and running a real business with purpose and not a sidelined hobby.
  • You've opted in to numerous freebies and courses, joined all the creative groups and listening to all the gurus but yet nothing has changed and you see no progres​​​​​s.

You may want to pass though if...

  • You like telling people business is fine but you're feeling disappointed as hell on the inside.
  • You like wasting time and ok with another year going by wishing and hoping for the same things.
  • You can't set aside a few hours for the next few weeks to get serious about taking control of getting what you deserve... happiness, balance, more clients and more money.

Here's a breakdown of the full package...


Part 1 - Exclusive Access to Content

​Exclusive access to our 6-week system including video lessons, live and pre-recorded guest coach sessions, Action Guide Workbook and a comprehensive list of resources and tools. 

It's time to hit all of your course development milestones without the guess work! Find out if your course will sell, who to sell it to and ​how to continually generate revenue just to name a few.


​part 2-  Personalized Support System

​We all know we work better when someone holds us accountable and when we have plenty of support.  You only need to succeed and that's what we're preparing for...

  • ​Accountability Partners
  • ​Weekly Check-ins
  • ​Q&A Forums
  • ​Lifetime Access


​part 3-  Coaching Sessions

A group coaching session alone can cost anywhere from $200-$500 and up but no worries your seat is saved and included in this affordably priced package. 

​Participate in supplemental trainings and ask any and all questions.


Tarsha McCrae

​I’ve been developing and managing research programs for over 20 years. I’ve always liked using research to help people learn, take action and make meaningful connections. Now I use that know-how (or you can call it a super power) to help creatives cut out the noise and free up precious time to focus on what matters… your creative sweet spot.

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​How is this different from all the other courses?

​What if I can't make the live training dates?

What if I don't actually have a business yet?

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Calling all creatives!


​Don't just jump into an online course venture and expect immediate results.
You need to follow the Creative Freedom Blueprint so you don't waste time and you make more money. 

So take advantage of the course building framework for creative
entrepreneurs we put in place just for you!

 Only $477 $697 before the price increase​ (payment plans available)

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