​Semi-Passive Income Streams for Creative Entrepreneurs: 
How to Easily Develop
Your Profitable Course Idea Without Starting From Scratch

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    Get a done for you step-by-step guide to plan, create and launch your online course saving you tons of time from researching the process on your own. 
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    ​Develop a clear content-creation process taking you from start to finish so your course will provide added value for your students PLUS earn you extra income.
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    ​Build your sense of confidence and easily customize the Creative Blueprint framework to hit every major milestone in ​creating a course that your audience will NEED to buy.

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Fund the transition from corporate to creative by selling your expertise for cash.  Create and sell your own digital course today.

Follow this newly available step-by-step guide and basically fill in the blanks to be on your way to getting your online course up and running within a few weeks.

We’ve taken only the most successful elements used in our own course content creation process and developed a guided framework to save you time and get your course ready to deliver.

Just drop in your own information where prompted and generate your course outline and content.

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​"​How to Easily Develop Your Profitable Course Without Starting from Scratch helped me finally take actionable steps towards launching my course. After about a year of trying to figure out things on my own, this course gave me the guidance I needed to develop a real plan and focus my ideas."

​Kim Prepetit

​"​What I loved most was the workbook for the course. It's a very digestible course that helped my grasp the fundamentals and beyond of creating my course."

​Jessica Danielle



Step 1 - Access the Blueprint 

​The course is derived from The Creative Freedom Blueprint: How to Fund Your Side Business with Digital Courses framework.  This 6-module program takes you from figuring out your course idea to delivering your much needed expertise to your audience. 


Step 2 - Watch and Download the Materials 

​You've got 6 video modules and a complete Action Guide at your fingertips.  Just download and print to get started.  The guide includes templates to help you with market research, content planning and development and post course delivery to improve your course for future launches.


Step 3 - Fill in the Blanks 

​This course breaks down step-by-step our course development process so you just need to drop in your details.​  Now you'll have a plan of action that finalizes your course topic, build your content and decide your course delivery platform. 

The only thing holding you back from not making money from your creative course idea is YOU! ​ ​

here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Module 1 (The Foundation): ​Use your profitable course  idea to grow your community and develop a true passive income stream.
  • Module 4 (Delivery):  Set an appropriate price for your course and a system for accepting payments.  Choose your ​delivery platform, and firm up your schedule.
  • Module 2 (Building Blocks): Research your market and identify a need, so you can pick the course topics that your target customers want to learn about most.
  • Module 5 (Launch and Evaluation): Run an engaging, results-focused online course that leads to happy, successful students who sing your praises.  ​
  • Module 3 (Development): Create a clear ​structure for your course with ​goals, high priority modules and key steps and content.  ​Ensure your students will take action!
  • Module 6 (Wrap-Up): ​Now it's time to bring it all together and implement the four-phased approach you used to develop your course without spending thousands of $$$.

​​Dear 9 to 5er, 

I have to tell you something...

It's time to break out of hourly income

& embrace creative freedom​


​I would hate for you to ​miss out on this rare opportunity.  Plenty of creatives shared their interest with me in learning more about online courses and what it can do for them.

​ Trust me I know how it feels to have no time on your hands, have a tight budget, feel like you don't know where to begin and needing to develop a skill-set fast to bring in money.

​That's why I created this course to save you the hassle and unnecessary mistakes to bring your online course idea to life.  

Trust me you can sell anything online!  From goat health to playing the harp I've seen it all.  How do you know someone out there doesn't need your expertise?  

You know something more than most people and it's time to share and make money from it.  


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