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  • ​The creative hustle 'misconception': ​you will always struggle financially without a salaried check
  • ​​​The crucial misfire: ​you're afraid to take the leap and haven't realized your full potential
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    ​I teamed up with 12 experts in the creative design and digital marketing worlds to reveal their go to strategies to run a creative business with purpose that more than pays the bills!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're taking baby steps to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.  
  • You've reached a plateau with your traditional "day job" and ready for something more, something rewarding. 
  • You want to take charge and make your own rules.
  • You have this creative gig on the side that makes a few dollars here and there but it's not consistent.  

BUT what if you could help turn that around...

  • ​You could get creative freedom and peace of mind now!
  • ​You could get off the sidelines and stop daydreaming over what could be!
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1.  ​Win Clients and Influence Sales by Getting Clear on Your Brand and Who You Serve

  • ​Follow a no-fluff formula to find your niche and attract paying clients
  • ​Create cohesive branding strategies that are true to your authentic self
  • ​Develop on brand visuals with Canva to use wherever you promote your brand

​2. Perform a Website Check-Up:  Update Your Site to Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales

  • ​Use website design tips that will make your site easy to navigate
  • ​Write copy that sparks a conversation and builds relationships with your audience
  • ​Get proven ways to drive more traffic to your website that are easy to implement

​3. Ditch Overwhelm and Confusion ​in Getting Your Business Seen on Social Media

  • ​Go behind the scenes to develop a REAL social media marketing strategy
  • ​Create an engaging, popular and profitable Instagram account
  • ​Realize the power of pinning to drive thousands of views to your website
  • ​Grow an engaging Facebook group to buy your products/services
  • ​Get to the point tips to use YouTube to book clients without using paid ads

​4. Get Recurring Monthly Income by Rounding Up Experts in Your Niche and Sharing What You Love

  • ​Develop a course that sells out and monetizes your expert​ise ​based on the wants and desires of your ideal clients
  • Provide high value and get high impact by hosting a virtual summit and solidify your creative credibility


The Pros are spilling the tea on insanely easy tactics to get you from chronic hobbyist to thriving entrepreneur...  

  • Get direct access to 4 mini-bundle packages rolled into one for your convenience and instantly view 12 webinars with over 6.5 hours of viewing content revealing expert strategies you can start using right now.

  • Grab all 12 audio sessions to listen while on the go...

  • Access all session notes and highlights with detailed summaries of each webinar.
  • Swipe my Top Tools and Resources Special Guide for your own personal use which include a Branding Avatar Template, Brand Design Board Template, 30-day Post Calendar for Social Media, Recurring Revenue Tip Sheet and Blog Checkup Checklist.
  • PLUS get a copy of the Blog Starter Strategy Pack that lays out steps to start a blog painlessly and simple.  You'll also get a list of over 200 Instagram Hashtags for creatives so no more wasting time searching for what's trending.


​OK, maybe you need a little more help to jump on board!


  • ​Spend a small chunk of change for direct access to the experts 
  • ​Get a hold on the website tech and convert website peepers into clients
  • ​Build a true social media strategy that does more than get likes
  • ​U​​​nderstand the true meaning of building your brand and not just picking pretty colors
  • ​Start generating recurring revenue through an online summit or online course


  • ​Spend ​hundreds on ads and still not make enough sales
  • ​Continue to guess what works and what doesn't to draw in clients on your website
  • ​Feel disappointed when you do share and get no engagement
  • ​Keep playing with color palettes thinking if you just make it pretty enough you'll get more clients
  • ​When you're in between jobs go in panic mode and scramble to pay your bills


​See you can't afford to waste another second Googling what next!  You also can't waste another dollar on your business without these key things in place that the Ultimate Mini-Bundle will lay out for you.  So why would you miss out on taking up this small investment ​with an even bigger return??

An Added Bonus


I'm also throwing in for a LIMITED TIME OFFER access to the Empowerment Toolbox that includes ​what you need to do now to help you prioritize and make time for yourself AND realize the power of thinking big to motivate and empower you to grow your business over and beyond the typical just getting by approach.


The bonus includes two E-books and a fillable workbook to plan out a strategy and track your progress.  



​​I learned so much about so many different design topics. I can’t wait to sit down and start strategizing how to incorporate what I learned into my business. I appreciate all you did to make this happen.


​...I’ve learned so much and have new resources now to run my business. Worth every penny to sign up…


​I have to say I’m so impressed with everyone! Please give everyone a big thank you from all of us designers for giving their time.


How do I access the webinars and content?

How long is the content available?

What payment types are accepted?

​Are refunds allowed?



Tarsha McCrae, Creative Biz Owner, Product Maker & Consultant


So who am I to talk to you about connection and resources and creative freedom??  Well, I’ve been creating and managing educational and research programs for over 20 years.  I even went to school for it.  I’ve always loved using research to help people learn, take action and make meaningful connections.  Now I use that know-how (or you can call it a super power) to help creatives level up and focus on their creative sweet spot!

​​My mantra for 2019...

⠀· I stand 🙌 for creatives to stop standing on the sidelines and push themselves to run a smart, valuable and profitable business.

⠀⠀· I’m part of a movement for everyone to express their creative outlet and share their design gifts with the world.

⠀⠀· I declare war 🔊 on being stuck in a soul sucking 9-5 funk and not profiting from doing what you love.

⠀⠀· I am redefining the “hustle”. Taking creative entrepreneurs out of a confused and overworked haze in exchange for a fresh and focused experience. 💯

Tarsha is committed to helping other creative entrepreneurs avoid design business pitfalls and make money pursuing their creative passions.

This is your last chance to take advantage of the $17 one-time offer...


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